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Top 10 Peculiarities of Total AV Antivirus

Total AV is a very popular antivirus that has caused lots of contradictions over the years. The quality of protection had its ups and downs, but now it’s a decent option for the everyday user. Let’s find out more about the software, its peculiarities, pros & cons in this Total AV antivirus review at

The Main Peculiarities You Should Know

Before you buy and install this antivirus, you should make sure it is compatible with your operating system. Total AV runs on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. However, the range of features in each version differs. It’s mainly based on the needs of the device and its platform. You are sure to get more features if you get the program for your laptop or desktop. On the other hand, smartphones and tablets get the basics only.

We’d say that Total AV is for patient users. The installation process can seem a nightmare to some people since it takes over 10 minutes. Yet, you won’t be able to use it at once. Even if you install a free version, you’ll have to create an account. Which it requires the general information only, it seems like too much of a hustle for a mediocre antivirus.

Scanning peculiarities are worth your attention, too. The software offers 3 modes that include a quick, a full, and a USB scan. Be prepared to wait regardless of the type you use since all of them are rather time-consuming.

Regardless of the bundle you pick, you’ll get such additional features as spyware protection, phishing sites protection, etc. The antivirus delivers protection from worms, zero-day threats, rootkit, Trojan, etc. However, the results of the independent test labs show that it doesn’t secure 100% protection. Total AV fails to detect some malware.

Unusually, the Quarantine comes with premium plans only. Otherwise, when the program detects a threat, you’ll have to pick from 3 options: to delete, whitelist or do nothing.

Strong and Weak Sides of Total AV Antivirus

This section is essential for every Total AV antivirus review. So, let’s start with the advantages:

  1. The software has a very convenient and user-friendly interface. There are 4 modules that are colored in a particular color to help you maintain the program. When the module works, it’ll be green. In case any action is required, a user sees it yellow or red.
  2. The bundles can bring lots of useful extras. For instance, you can get a VPN. This means you won’t need to buy it from other companies. Other utilities like a disk cleaner or the system boost tool will also come in handy. Since they are all from the same developer, each element will complete another one to deliver proper services.
  3. Total AV Antivirus offers a personal firewall, Ad-Block Pro, and a password manager for safe Internet browsing.

There are still some weak sides to this software. One of them is the lack of 100% protection. While there are tons of features, Total AV misses some threats. This can lead to infected files, glitches, and other troubles usually caused by viruses and malware.

There are also some issues with pricing policy. So, if you decide to buy it, read the terms attentively to be aware of how much you’ll have to pay.


Purchasing any antivirus may seem like a headache. It requires lots of comparison and time. That’s why reading such reviews, you are sure to learn more about the peculiarities of the software and compare them to your expectations. Total AV offers decent protection and a good selection of features. Let’s hope it’ll keep improving the quality of services.